Elmtree look after various Business Parks, Industrial Parks including single and multiple properties, housing sites, void properties and pre-construction properties.

We strive to ensure all employees and visitors on sites are met with visually appealing areas that in turn reflect the professional standing of the businesses using them.

Manicured lawns, litter removal, cleaning street furniture and being able to be reactive to emergency call outs eg to remove graffiti are all essential parts of our day to day work.

Bristol Business Park is our biggest business park contract which we have held for 20 years. We carry out all maintenance works, tree control and maintenance of ponds. We
work with an ethos’s to also improve mental wellbeing by creating a natural and beautiful landscape for people to work in. Office workers use the seating areas to have their lunch during summer months so is important for the areas to look good have a relaxing feel and provide a space for workers to take a step back from their daily duties and have time to reflect and regroup with themselves.

We also carry out planned and adhoc work at other Business Parks for various Clients, as well as providing a bespoke quotation for a full installation of landscaping during upgrade work on the sites

We work for estate management such as Alder King, Blenheim Estates, Bayliss Estates (Cribbs Causeway), Vail Williams, Berkshire Asset Management, Homes England, Hartnell Taylor Cook.

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We provide garden contractor services & grounds maintenance in;

Bristol, Gloucester, Bath, Portishead, Clevedon, Nailsea, Bridgwater