Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, in Barrow Gurney is a local independent charity that rescues and rehomes unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs. First registered as a charity in 1982 it then opened its gates to animals in March 1992.


The aim and ethos at Holly Hedge is simple; to ‘Provide shelter from harm and the promise of a brighter future’ whist promoting responsible pet ownership.

Due to the growth of the Sanctuary there was a need for further car parking areas. Elmtree already had a good relationship with Holly Hedge as our Customer Care Manager, Leigh Naden has carried out works there previously (at no cost to help improve the grounds) so it seemed fitting that we were able to carry out the works needed to the car park.

The area that we worked on was originally part of a field behind a fence, made from stone. It was used as a temporary car park while construction works were being carried out.  This meant that parking for visitors and staff became greatly reduced.


Elmtree we able to offer a solution whereby the temporary car park could be kept but returned to a green space. It was important that the area was grassed again, whilst still being able to drive vehicles on the car park without the risk of cars getting stuck! We carried out the works at cost as we did not want to make a profit on such a wonderful cause.

We levelled the surface, installed ground stabilisers, filled them with top soil and compacted them. We added general purpose grass seed allowing the area to germinate and grow. The plastic that can be seen allows the cars to have traction and to be able to drive on the area once the grass has grown.

This area will mean more space for volunteers and staff to park away from the main entrance and allow for visitors and people dropping off animals to be closer to the main entrance.

New Car Park Imagery

The feedback for this work has been fantastic with a few quotes:

“Looks great”

“Everyone very impressed with the job.”

“Everyone delighted. Thanks again.”


Holly Hedge currently receive no government funding and rely totally on the generosity of the public, business and volunteers. They are expanding the wild life conservation side so they can apply for government funding to look after more than just cats and dogs. The plan is to have a wild flower meadow for bees and butterflies, a pond for frogs and newts and they have already started on a bat folly.

We are currently in discussion about installing a culvert to a neighbouring field for expansion of the wildlife conservation project that is being developed. Holly hedge is a charity that we wholeheartedly support, and we will continue to work with on upcoming projects and maintenance.