October Blog

The end of October is here already, and we can’t quite believe how fast the months seems to be going. This month has flown by and we are really seeing the seasons changing.  As autumn turns to winter, the nights are drawing in and the temperature dropping there is still plenty to do in the garden and outside.

October leaves

This month we have seen the richness of colour, clear sunny days, night frosts and the beautiful display of the landscape changing around us with fantastic shades of warm reds and oranges.

Stunning planters
Planters and plants

Factory No 1 Project

October for Elmtree saw the completion of the first phase of planting and the construction of planters on the roof areas at Factory No 1, in Bedminster for City and Country. The planters were constructed using solid Oak sleepers. Factory No.1 is a new and exciting residential development located at the gateway to Bedminster, formerly the first tobacco factory. The newly built apartments are set around a beautiful terraced landscaped central courtyard together with a range of restored retail units and workspaces. We were excited to be able to get some photos of the newly developed area for you all to have a look at.

Oak sleepers
Formerly Tobacco Factory

Our Competition

We also ran a photography competition this month and challenged our Facebook followers to take some photos capturing what ‘Autumn’ means to them. Anything from scenic walks to pumpkin spiced lattes were suggested. Graham Robbins was our winner, we loved his photo of the autumnal squirrel with fantastic colours. We felt it truly captured the word ‘Autumn’ in a photo.

october competion

Bristol Young Heroes Awards

Elmtree were also excited to be able to announce our involvement again in the Bristol Young Heroes Awards. This year it will be very different being an online celebration, but it is fantastic to still be able to acknowledge and celebrate the great work of young people in Bristol. Life is very different at the moment which makes us even more determined to attend the show virtually where they hope to lift the spirits of the whole city and ensuring that the young heroes get the recognition they deserve. For anyone wanting to attend for an evening to remember on 16th Dec please register at www.communityofpurpose.com

Local awards

A Sucessful October

October was a very successful month for winning new work. We were awarded over £1 million worth of landscaping and contracts for new projects, across new build and commercial sites for companies including Bellway Homes, YTL Developments, Linden Homes and ENGIE. This is exciting for us to secure and sets us up for a strong and busy year ahead.

So what next in the November garden? As winter approaches you can take advantage of the cool days and the slower pace of gardening to prepare your plants and gardens for winter. Typically November can be damp. Flowers may be scarce in the garden but look out for berries and evergreen foliage to add interest on the dullest of days.

Things To Do in November

  • Wash or discard of any old pots and trays that you are not intending to use.
  • Clean out nesting boxes and put food out for the birds on a regular basis
  • Check for hibernating hedgehogs before lighting a bonfire
  • Keep off the lawn in frosty weather
  • Protect all tender and newly plants and shrubs from frost and wind
  • Clear up fallen leaves
  • Raise Container onto pot feet to prevent waterlogging
  • Plant tulip bulbs for a spring display next year
  • Plant out winter bedding
  • Insulate pots that remain outside during winter
October garden maintenance
Autumnal duties

Sowing and planting

Bulbs should ideally be planted in autumn, but there is still time in November for tulips, daffodils and crocuses. These can be planted right though until the end of the month if the weather is mild and before the soil loses the heat from the summer.

Bedding plants such a pansies, violas and wallflowers can still be planted if you are experiencing mild weather. Make sure you plant winter bedding plants on a dry day in rich moist soil.

Tidying your garden

November is your last chance to prepare your soil before winter sets in. Protect any bare patches of soil with mulch, compost, leaf mould or even plastic sheeting. This will make the soil easy to plant or sow into next spring. Perennials should be divided and pruned to soil level now to ensure they return next spring as healthy as ever. Work from the middle outwards, pruning back quite harshly, especially if the plants are looking over-crowded.

compost heap

Garden Maintenance

Leaves are a commodity in any garden, perfect for adding to both mulch and compost once your leaf pile has transformed into mould. Firstly, separate your leaves and keep them in a garden container, bag or create a heap in a quiet corner of your garden. The bacteria that break the leaves down to mould needs oxygen to work, so make sure you puncture any bags you collect your leaves in.

Raise any patio containers by adding bricks or feet underneath, this will protect your plants and soil from becoming waterlogged during winter showers. If you are expecting an especially harsh winter, it’s best to insulate any outside plant containers with bubble wrap to protect them from frost.