In The South West & Midlands

There is really no limit to the range of services we can carry out, either in-house or through our network of reliable sub-contractors.

These services include the following

Japanese Knotweed Control

This invasive species can damage concrete foundations, buildings, flood defences, roads, paving, retaining walls and architectural sites. It often needs to be eradicated from sites.

Elmtree can do this by repeated herbicide applications – we use the best possible weedkiller specifically for Knotweed and our operatives all have their spraying licences PA1 and PA6.

We can also dig out the rhizomes and remove from site. This is a quicker method than herbicide where the land is to be developed, and we will take the material to controlled waste sites all in accordance with UK legislation.


This is a method of applying seed to large areas and to hillsides or cliffs which are often inaccessible for traditional grass seeding methods, whether it be an amenity or wildflower / species-rich seed.

We use a mix of mulches, fertilisers and the seed itself to achieve a high germination rate, and the results are normally quicker than traditional grass seeding.

Tree Surgery and Felling

Elmtree can carry out any tree surgery or felling works required, for example, crown lifting and thinning.

We can also arrange for our specialist to inspect and report on trees which are potentially unsafe or may need works carrying out, or even to confirm that they are safe.

Mass Bulb Planting

When large areas of bulbs need to be planted, particularly if they are flat and in straight lines, we can use our innovative method of planting bulbs using a tractor and implement to lift the ground, place and plant the bulbs before covering the ground back over. This is vastly cheaper than traditional planting by hand, as well as being able to plant large numbers of bulbs in a short amount of time.

Ecological Works

Elmtree carries out a variety of ecological works. This can include:
Newt barrier fencing

Strim and clear fields under the supervision of ecological officers to encourage wildlife to move to safe havens prior to development

Wildflower plug planting

Wildflower seeding

Hedgerow planting and replacement hedgerows

Native tree and shrub planting

Willow habitat creation

Pond and waterway creation and maintenance

If you are in need of any of the above services please call us on 01454 633 560 or fill out our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch.