Crest Nicholson Bristol Harbourside

Bristol Harbourside is a development by Crest Nicholson within Bristol’s former industrial waterfront areas, which has been redeveloped over the last 10 years. Building 4 is one of the last parts of the area to be redeveloped; it consists of one large apartment block and a promenade in front of it which leads down to the historic harbour.

We won a Principle Award at the BALI 2014 National Landscape Awards for this project so we are particularly proud of it

The landscaping consists of a large element of Box and Yew hedging around the building itself, supported by woodland flora, wetland and marginal planting. Between the Millennium Promenade and the building there is a wildflower meadow in the centre of the development which was turfed – as far as we know this is the only wildflower meadow in the centre of Bristol. Between the promenade and the wildflower turf there is a drainage channel consisting of gabions wrapped in geotextile and liner, with gravel and soil on top. This is designed to take water run off from the rills and building and is planted with wetland and marginal plants. We also planted a semi-mature Tulip tree at the front of the building.