Crest Nicholson Paintworks, Bristol

Elmtree has been working alongside Crest Nicholson on a development known as ‘Paintworks’ in Bristol.

We worked on the project for just over two years, starting in May 2016 and completed it in September 2018.

Paintworks site consists of a mixture of apartment blocks, combined live and work spaces and 2,3, and 4 bedroom homes. The entire development is constructed on a podium giving an urban loft feel which allows for a network of pedestrianised streets and public places. The raised podium level provides car free streets and promotes interaction and socialising between neighbours.

Elmtree was responsible for constructing timber seating areas, which offer street furniture for more social interaction between the community of people living and working here. We installed timber planters into the gardens and public realm areas, which also provide extra seating in communal areas around the buildings. We have also installed lightweight top soil, planted trees, shrub and herbaceous plants around the development bringing a green feel to the urban landscape. We had to give careful consideration to the weight of all material that were used in the design due to the raised podium and underneath parking.

The approximate contract value was £320,000.