Spring 2021

April Blog


The warmer days and lighter evenings have finally arrived and with it comes a newfound energy. If we look, we can start to see the display of spring colours, daffodils and blossoms. Spring is here and the gardens are suddenly beginning to look green and vibrant.  We know for sure that these sights start to fill many of us with plenty of encouragement and enthusiasm for the summer ahead.

tulips spring                                   blossom spring

It’s no secret that being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine is good for mental health and working in the garden is good for physical health. This all works out well, because it’s time to get out there and take care of the plants currently in your garden and prepare for the upcoming season. Here is our list of things to be busy with this month:


Things to do:

  • Provide protection for newly planted trees and shrubs in cold, exposed positions.
  • Plant evergreen trees and shrubs
  • Tie in new shoots of climbers
  • Continue watering newly planted trees and shrubs
  • Spray roses against black spot
  • Pot up or transplant self-sown seedlings
  • Sow annual climbers and grasses
  • Deadhead daffodils
  • Sow or lay turf for new lawns and feed established lawns
  • Sow greenhouse groups such as tomatoes and continue sowing and planting vegetables outdoors
  • Plant summer flowering bulbs if you haven’t already
  • Prune early flowering shrubs and start dividing perennials
  • Regular weeding and deadheading will keep your garden looking tidy


grass cutting

Now is the time to start mowing the lawn regularly, a weekly task from now on. After the initial cut the lawn sets off the rest of the garden. The weather can still be quite fickle at the time of year, with one day having clear, blue skies and the next April showers. It’s important to try to make the most out of the good weather but do bear in mind that we can still get some late frosts so don’t be too tempted to plant greenhouse plants out just yet. Frost protection may still be needed.

small flower bed

Lots of hard work goes into maintaining a garden, so be sure to take some time to appreciate the fruits of your labour. Creating a designated spot to soak up the beauty that surrounds you can be as involved as building a wall to create a small space that’s separated from the rest of your garden, or as simple as placing a few comfortable chairs in front of a water feature or fire pit. Whichever type of retreat you decide to create, make sure it’s comfy.