The Return To Work

May was the month when we really started to return to work with all of our sites now open. There are lots of additional safety measures in place and we have created Risk Assessments to ensure staff are safe on site.  We are all maintaining Social Distancing at work and are driving separate vehicles where possible. If we have to share a vehicle masks are worn at all times. Our team have also been reminded not to sit in a vehicle together during Lunch Break! Either they sit outside if it’s good weather maintaining 2m distancing or have their lunch at staggered times. We have also invested in a fogging machine, which fills the vehicle with disinfecting fog, this kills off any bacteria still left in the vehicles. We are following Government and BALI guidance on ensuring the workplace is safe for our staff.

man in vehicle with face mask on

Our Grounds Maintenance department are busy as ever and we even have the Landscaping division helping with grass cutting to help with the sudden influx of work.

grounds men

We are currently pricing lots of different types of work and we are confident of having a busy summer and Autumn ahead. House sales seem to be going well on our Housebuilding client sites so at the moment the fallout from Lockdown is minimal, although time will tell. Build progress is slower, although fortunately with landscaping it is quite easy to maintain social distancing.

We are extremely excited to be back at work and looking forward to Elmtree continuing to deliver quality landscaping, maintenance and fencing with the best employees we have ever worked with.

socially distanced workers
social distancing landscaping meeting

As we move into June things really start to hit their peak. Boarders are looking perfect and summer vegetables and soft fruits are at their best.  Summer certainly feels like it’s here. We have had some fantastic sun and some brilliant weather to enjoy. It is the time of year where you can really enjoy being outside and seeing the fruits of your labour in your gardens.

Quick Summary of things to do in June:

  • Weeding and deadheading
  • Cut back and tidy perennials
  • Water new and young plants often
  • Take cuttings from pinks
  • Plant out summer bedding plants
  • Mow the lawn and trim edges regularly
  • Keep fruit and veg well watered during the dry spell
  • Plant any new plants before the summer really heats up
  • Hoe bordered regularly to keep down weeds

Harvest lettuce, radish and other salads and early potatoes.

If you have planted any trees, shrubs or perennials in your garden this Spring, you should water it minimum twice a week to ensure the roots have sufficient water for growth and photosynthesis. If you fancy refreshing yourself on how plants grow (remember school science lessons?) have a look here

Deadheading, both annuals and perennials, is always worthwhile as the removal of spent flowers from the plant prolongs the flowering season. Plants produce flowers as part of their reproductive process from the flowers come to seed. Once the seed is set the cycle is complete and generally, a plant will reduce and eventually stop flowering. To keep plants flowering for as long as possible nip off the spent flowers.

June is planting time. Keep sowing and planting each fortnight until late in the season depending on the vegetable. Seed packets will give a guide for last planting dates but always adjust dates by your garden aspect. The South has a longer growing season than the North of England. Some veg grows more quickly and can be sown again late in the season, such as radish and lettuces others, for example, squash needs the whole season to come to fruit and are usually sown at the beginning of the year.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for any Japanese Knotweed in your gardens. It’s fairly easily identifiable by the heart-shaped leaves and hollow stems, but if you’re not sure you can send us a photo and we will let you know if it looks like Knotweed!!